Differences Between a Log Cabin and a Shed

A lot of people often confuse log cabins and sheds. Although there are a vast number of similarities between the two types of out-building, there are a few key differences.

The confusion arises often because people purchase a log cabin for the same use as a shed; a place to store tools or garden furniture. However, these individuals are missing out on some of the key benefits of having a log cabin in their garden.

This article intends to explore the major differences between a shed and our log cabins.

Sheds are built using a framework and cladding method

If you look at this image you can see that the shed is essentially a framework with some type of timber cladding applied to it. Sheds vary in quality from supplier to supplier. Our recommendation is to look for a shed supplier that uses shiplap tongue and groove that has been pressure treated. The drawback of this method is the timber cladding is typically in the region of 10-20mm thick in its finished size.

Shed Framework
The inside of a shed, showing the framework and cladding system

Log cabins are fundamentally different as they use individual logs to construct the walls of the building. The thickness of the log is how thick the entire wall is and that might range from anywhere between 28mm and 68mm. This means that the internal space is protected from the elements by far thicker timber which has the benefits of better insulation and a stronger structure.

Wall Logs
Interlocking wall logs on a 68mm Olympian Gold

Sheds are prefabricated panels

Typically shed panels are assembled in a factory and are delivered as such. A drawback of this is that panels may not fit through arches or gates that have bars across the top. A log cabin on the other hand can get through such entry ways. The only height restrictions that may cause issues with a log cabin, would be those that affect the actual area where the building is to be sited. Essentially the components of a log cabin can be moved to any place an average size man can access.

Log cabins have a far greater range of uses

We have sold log cabins for such a wide range of uses in the past, including:

  • Classrooms
  • Gyms
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Man Caves or Dens
  • Offices
  • Art Studios
  • Granny Annexes

Of course, in some of these cases a shed may be perfectly acceptable. But when you consider our range of upgrades such as insulation and electrics packs, a log cabin becomes an obvious choice. Couple that with our double glazing as standard on our 44mm cabins and higher – check out our catalogue for inspiration for your garden building.