Twin Skin Log Cabin Project

Mr & Mrs G. approached us to build a chalet on their property. They wanted a log cabin for use the whole year round. We recommended a twin skin cabin with floor, roof and wall insulation.

The client needed two bedrooms, a bathroom and a large open plan living area. They required electricity, water and drainage to the cabin. As they constructed their own large concrete base they built in channels to provide these services.Although we offer concrete base services, our customers can build their own; we just require the base to be totally flat and level.
After we arrived, we checked the base was flat and level. This is vital on a log cabin, as the wall logs are computer cut. This means there is very little tolerance, any defects in the base will compound as the log cabin goes up.First the floor bearers are placed down to provide a perimeter for the walls and to provide a robust framework for the log cabin. As the building is twin skin, this means there is a cavity between the two layers of wall logs which we fill with insulation. In the images below you can see the wall insulation being installed as the wall logs are built layer by layer.
After the wall logs are up to full height, the roof apexes are placed on top of the walls. We then install the purlins to tie the building together and then we can start the job of fixing the roof boards on. As the customer had gone for the insulated roof option, a layer of insulation boards topped with ply are installed.Over the top of this we used a Firestone RubberCover for the roof covering. This roof covering comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee. As it comes in one sheet, there are no overlaps so this leaves no chance for water ingress
As the images above show, the cabin is complete. This took one of our teams five days to complete from start to finish and as you can see, they worked into the evenings to get the job done to a high standard.If you are interested in a log cabin like this, please don’t hesitate to contact us or email us on [email protected]