When buying a log cabin, one of the most important things to understand is the timber used is untreated.

Many sheds are constructed using pressure treated timber, which requires little or no aftermarket treatment. Pressure treatment protects the timber against decay and insect attack.

With a log cabin, the timber has not gone through any treatment process. We recommend a two-stage treatment process to ensure you get the most out of your log cabin. These steps should be followed immediately after assembly of the cabin.
The first stage is to use Protek Wood Preserver which is a clear treatment designed to protect the wood against rot and insect attack. The preserver is quite thin and should be applied liberally to ensure that the timber soaks it up. This should be applied outside the cabin with several coats to make sure it penetrates the timber.

Once the wood preserver has dried, the next stage of the treatment can begin.

The second stage of the process is to waterproof the cabin using Protek Royal Exterior. This helps to seal any cracks, provide a water repellent seal around the building and protect against water ingress. We recommend three coats on the outside of the building and therefore ensuring there is a good coverage protecting against the elements.

Many of our customers like to use two colours on the exterior of the cabin. Personally, we like to use a light Cornish Cream colour on the fascias, doors and windows. Then on the main body of the cabin we use a pastel colour such as Eggshell Blue.

On the inside, we like to use a clear Protek Royal Exterior as this allows the natural appearance of the timber to be seen.

Ongoing treatment

We recommend putting on an additional coat of Protek Royal Exterior annually. Not only does this continually protect your cabin from the elements, but keeps it looking fresh year after year.

As timber moves, you may notice wall logs warping and unpainted gaps appearing. Do not be alarmed, this is totally normal. Timber bends, warps and stretches. You can go over these unpainted areas with any leftover Royal Exterior for peace of mind.

Hints and tips

  • Stir your stain and preserver up well before application. A large timber off cut will suffice.
  • Invest in some decent masking tape to protect the window panes and door handles.
  • If you don’t fancy doing the work yourself, any reputable handyman or painter can complete the work easily enough.


  • 3 good coats of Protek Wood Preserver on the outside.
  • 3 coats of Protek Royal Exterior on the outside.
  • 1 coat annually of Protek Royal Exterior of the outside.
Protek Wood Preserver

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